Dr Michael Edwards
Phone: 07 32213323

Dr Michael Edwards


Located at Brisbane City Doctors Precinct Manor Apartments 289 Queen St Brisbane 4000

Dr Michael Edwards run his own independent medical practice at this location and all correspondence is to be directed to them personally, doctors set their own fees.

My Billing Policy
My Policies

Usual Consulting Days: Monday - Friday

Michael started his practice here in 2014 having graduated from Griffith University Medicine in 2010.

Prior to studying Medicine, Michael worked as a physiotherapist in both Australia and the UK. This background has greatly assisted him when managing musculoskeletal problems in the GP setting.

Michael's other area of interest is men's health. Men have specific health needs and Michael's professional and practical approach ensures all aspects of physical and mental health are addressed and managed well.

Michael chose a career in General Practice because of the variety it brings as well as the ability to play a central role in maintaining the health and well being of his patients and their families.

In line with a holistic approach to GP care, Michael is happy to see patients of all age groups and conditions.

In his spare time Michael enjoys keeping fit with early morning squad swimming and spending time with his young family.

Special Interests:

Men's health
- General health/annual check ups and preventative health care
- Cancer screening - prostate, bowel, testicular
- Cardiovascular health
- Weight management
- Mental health issues

Sports medicine
- Acute and chronic sporting injures
- Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction

Sexual health
- STI screening and management of infection
- Libido issues, erectile dysfunction
- LGBTI health, PrEP

Mental health
- Acute and chronic issues
- Substance dependence
- Sleep/insomnia problems
- Stress management

ABN: 66956859062
All correspondence should be directed to the individual doctors themselves via the [email protected] email.

My Billing Policy

Pensioner/ HCC and students over age 5 yrs, have a $25 gap on top of the rebate. Account is fully payable on the day. Children under 5 yrs are bulk billed.

Full private fees on Sat for everyone.

Telehealth phone/video appointments are charged at
10min Telehealth: $92 - $94 (rebate $42.85) (depends on time , complexity and number of issues discussed)
20 min Phone Telehealth- $158 rebate $82.90

Note: Medicare rebate for Telehealth is only available if you have been seen by one of the doctors onsite within the past 12 months unless its for a Covid infection or sexual/reproductive or mental health issues.

At time of booking your Telehealth appointment, you will be asked for your credit card details to secure your booking. No payment will occur until after the booking and the doctor advises what should be billed. If CC details not added, the booking lapses.

Script and referral repeats. Go to the general website and request a script or referral on Hotdoc.  The charge is $26 (no rebate).  If the request is rejected, e.g. usually on safety reasons on a script request, you will get a refund for the $26 within 5 days and advised to make an appointment. If its for a new referral for a different problem / different specialist this will need an appointment

Payment is due on the day of appointment
Onsite Appointments
Standard Consultation (10mins): $92 - $94 rebate ($42.85)
Long Consultation (20mins): $158 rebate ($82.90)

After Hours (Before 8 am):
Standard Consultation (10mins) $101 (rebate $55.80)
Long Consultation (20mins) $164 (rebate $95.70)

Saturday (Full private rates for all)
Standard Consultation (10mins): $101 (rebate($42.85)
Long Consultation (20mins) $164 (rebate $82.90)

Disclaimer: All co-located doctors here run their own independent medical practices. All correspondence should be directed to the individual doctors email  [email protected]

All Drs set their own policies and fees and all discounting and any bulkbilling or reduced billing is at their individual discretion.

Mask Policy

Covid is still a continuing threat to the health and safety of anyone visiting a Drs office. As such I require masks to be worn. You may provide your own or buy on arrival.($2.20). Dispensing ia a machine is the safest cleanest way to do this. The machine is not ours and we do not benefit financially from it. Thank you for looking after my most vulnerable patients in the waiting room who are unable to protect themselves not only against Covid but Flu, RSV, Metapneumovirus, chicken pox, german measles , gastro etc and may lead to their hospitalisation, foetal deformities or death.

Appointments billing

See billing info page



For symptoms of heart attack and stroke and severe allergic reactions or very sick child please call triple 000. If you want advice call the surgery and ask for the nurse


Emails are for non medical issues only. They are not secure or confidential as reception fields them for me. Please make an appointment if you have medical questions or have items you want me to do e.g. forms, certificates, questions

Phone calls

Phone calls during a consultation can be very distracting to ones train of thought for the patient I am with. Its best to leave a message with reception to action unless it’s a medical emergency and needs management as that . Call triple 000 in this case

What to do if I am not available and you need to be seen

If I am unavailable please book with one of the doctors here. They are all very good and I trust them. We all share access to the records. 


I use the Hotdoc recalls system . You will be sent an sms to advise follow up for results. It contains a link which is safe to click on. It will advise if results mare normal or if I need to see you for further follow up. I prefer a face to face appointment but if you are unable to return a phone appointment is OK as well. Please ensure you have given permission to send you sms when you visit reception. Provide an Email address as backup. It should be your personal one and not a work one ideally if possible. Keep updated phone numbers and emails at all times to ensure you receive important messages from me


Re preventive care due. I may send reminders for these also but it remains the responsibility of the patient to ensure they receive their regular preventive health . I recommend an annual 20 min appointment to do this.

Script requests 

If I have not seen you for over 6 months, I would like to review you first. A phone appt  or face to face may suffice. 

If you are unsure if you need to be seen , you can Make your request via the Hotdoc item that comes up on the booking page. If I want to see you, you will get a message to say make an appointment. Be aware it could take 5 days to respond so always ask well in advance. If you need a script straight away , make an appointment. Fee $26 . If asked to make an appointment, you will receive a refund within 5 days. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions referrals can be done when you make the request on Hotdoc booking page on  the website

Referral requests

If I have not seen you for 12 months , I would like to review you first as I have a legal obligation to ensure I ave updated all relevant info and reviewed the need . A phone appt  or face to face may suffice. 

If you are unsure if you need to be seen , you can Make your request via the Hotdoc item that comes up on the booking page. If I want to see you, you will get a message to say make an appointment. Be aware it could take 5 days to respond so always ask well in advance. If you need a script straight away , make an appointment. Fee $26 .

If asked to make an appointment, you will receive a refund within 5 days.

Be aware last minute requests cannot be accommodated in a fully booked day so make a Telephone appt if you need an urgent referral repeat. Referrals can only be done for known conditions I have done before for you. New problems need an appointment. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions referrals can be done when you make the request on Hotdoc

Longer appointments

Time = quality. Please book enough time for the problem you have. Being short on time cause undue stress and pressure and reduces the quality of care. Book extra time if unsure (20 mins) . I will only bill for the time needed.

Forms / certificates etc

All forms take time to do. Please allot a time by booking a phone or face to face appointment. Forms done out of a consultation will attract a fee .

Requests for results to be sent

To ensure the results are only going to the real person we have a legal obligation to ensure we do. Please go to the website and download the results request form to sign and send back. Please ask for copies to be sent to your My Health record in future or ask for a copy during the consultation to reduce admin load.

Request to transfer records

The records remain the property of the Dr but I am happy to send on to a new Dr on request. Ideally a telephone appt is best so I can explain any important follow up for you if the info is going directly to you. If going to a new Dr it will be their responsibility for all your follow up care. If you are share caring between two Drs (e.g. suburban and city) please let me know . We can keep them updated on your request

Copies of results to specialists

Please ask the specialists receptionist to contact the pathology/ other specialist or xray places direct. They will send the results directly to the specialist electronically which is what they want

Insurance company requests

Ask them to email us direct to do on your behalf or you end up with the fee. 



There is an afterhours number for advice if you are my regular patient of mine over last 2 years. Call the surgery number.  The pathology companies have my number for any urgent overnight results. If you are not a regular patient you can call 13Health for advice or visit the local emergency centres.  For any possible emergency  please call  triple 000


Continuity of care



Its always best to see the same doctor or important missing information may cause a delay in diagnosis. Seeing a DR at the same practice will also suffice to ensure continuity of care


Privacy Policy 



The privacy policy is available on the general website


Complaints and suggestions


I am always ready to accept feedback and will do my best to address any issues fairly and honestly and appreciate you letting me know before a negative review is posted.  Please contact centre manager at [email protected] . If we have been unable to address your issues to your satisfaction,  you can always make your complaint to the Office of the Health Ombudsman

Should you like to post a positive review , that’s is very kind of you and encourages me to always do my best . This is the link g.page/Brisbane-city-doctors/review


Referrals requesting a name change

For private specialist referrals -There is no requirement for a new referral in the new name as long as the new DR is in the same category e.g. cardiologist. Just cross out the name is fine. If it’s a referral for the hospital public outpatients, we will need you to provide a name of whom you wish to go to. 

For Care plans - If the referral contains the name and practice location of an allied health provider (AHP) e.g. psychologist, dietitian etc , you may see any AHP at that practice. However, if a referral contains the name of an AHP, but no practice location, you must see the AHP who is specified in the referral or obtain a new referral from me if you wish to see a different AHP. If the  referral is a general one e.g.  only specifies the type of AHP, the patient is free to see any AHP of their choosing provided they are registered with Medicare Australia to provide services